It's About Worship is a ministry called to facilitate and educate in the area of Worship. The flags and banners on this site are hand painted on silk imported from China. In addition to flags and banners you will also find garments such as mantels, scarves, overlays, and prayer shawls which are sometimes referred to as wearable art.

In 2005 after a season of seeking direction from God I felt led to "make flags". I had very little experience with the use of flags and banners in worship. I had seen a few flags but had never used a flag or even been in services where they were used. Being obedient to what I felt was direction from the Lord I began looking for fabrics and a sewing machine. Since then I have learned a lot about techniques of silk painting along with acquiring an understanding of the symbolism of colors and designs.

I have learned a lot about flags and banners and their symbolism. They can have a powerful effect in shifting the atmosphere in both public and private worship. Elsewhere on this site you can find articles on the symbolism of colors and on why we use flags in worship. There is also an article which gives the scriptural foundation for the use of flags. If you would like to learn more about the use of flags and banners in worship, we are available to teach at conferences and seminars.